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This place has meant so much to so many for so long that I think if you can get it going here, hopefully, it resonates.の文にはso 〜が3つも出ています。このような例に出会ったのは初めてなのですが。


VOA (Voice of America)の記事を読んでいるときに次のおもしろい例に出会いました。


"So many people have come by and said, 'God, I was on that carousel when I was a kid, my kids were on it, my grandkids.' This place has meant so much to so many for so long that I think if you can get it going here, hopefully, it resonates," he noted.

(1)Hurricane Katrinaに壊されたNew Orleans City Parkの中の回転木馬をボランティアの市民が修理していることを述べている記事の中の一部です。下線を引いた文はso ~that構文の例ですが、so ~にあたる部分が3つもあります。今までso ~が1個しかない例しか見てこなかったので意外に思いました。このような例は普通に使われるのでしょうか。


生の英語を読んでいるとおもしろい例に出会いますね。(1)の下線部は何の問題もない自然な英文です。以下、so ~ that構文のso ~にあたる部分が2つ以上ある文について解説しますが、まず最初に(1)の下線を引いた文に日本語訳をつけておきましょう。



次の(3)(4)の文にはso ~が2つ含まれていますが、この2つのso ~はいずれも等位接続詞andで結ばれていますので不思議ではないでしょう。


In traveling around the country, this was probably the mostly commonly raised issue. Basically that while parents may feel different, the pressure and culture in the communities they live in are so powerful and so pervasive that they feel helpless to effect any change.


Natalie Angier wrote in the New York Times: "The End of Faith articulates the dangers and absurdities of organized religion so fiercely and so fearlessly that I felt relieved as I read it, vindicated…. Harris writes what a sizable number of us think, but few are willing to say."








Apologies for not reading your question... I am sure you can appreciate that this thread is getting so long with so many comments that occasionally missing one (Shamefully an important one) does sometimes happen...


The Andy Award for Dedication honors employees who take great pride in their work, who unfailingly serve their customers through their commitment to getting the job done. Often they are the university's unsung heroes--the ones who do their work so well for so long that it just goes overlooked.






as ~ as構文でas ~が2つ以上ある例もあります。以下の例をご覧ください。


"She's only twenty-four!" I told the doctor, shouting, I think. He nodded, very patiently, knowing full well Jenny's age, but also understanding what agony this was for me. Finally I realized that I couldn't just sit in this man's office forever. So I asked him what to do. I mean, what I should do. He told me to act as normal as possible for as long as possible. I thanked him and left.
--Segal, Erich (1970) Love Story, Harper & Row.


Unfortunately, our movement has done a poor job of advertising our compassionate message to the masses. This has to change. Since the public has been inundated with lies from animal-abusing enterprises like Ringling, McDonald's, Merck and Saks, we MUST inundate the people with the truth. We MUST educate as many people as possible as quickly as possible as powerfully as possible. And that can only happen via TV commercials.






上で見てきたように、生の英語ではso ~ that構文やas ~ as構文のso ~as ~が1文中に2個以上出てくることはまれではありません。高校でそのような例を教わらなかったとすれば、それは「教えるのは基礎基本。複雑なものまで教えると生徒に負担をかける」という配慮があったのだと思います。もちろん先生によっては授業中に「so ~ that構文やas ~ as構文のso ~as ~が1文中に2個以上出てくることがある」ということを基本的なso ~ that構文やas ~ as構文を教えるときにわかりやすく教えられることもあると思います。いずれにしても事実は上で述べたとおりです。皆さんがこのことをちょっと頭に置いておくと生の英語を読むときにつまづくことはないでしょう。